Equus Release The 1,000HP Corvette Insired ‘Throwback’

By Dave Ashton

There are many superlatives that may be thrown at the last offering through Equus , the Bass. Amazing, retro muscle car design covered around modern running gear. Possibly the closest you can get to a modern muscle mass car with a homage to classic looks. Basically, the ultimate that one attempts to be achieve from a promod or even restomod without hacking up an innovative. Now the company from Troy, The state of michigan have released a vehicle known as the Throwback, summing up the last few decades of Corvette.

The style is meant to give the best of what you could possibly get from the C3 and C7 style. Corvettes , with other elements tossed into the mix. Obvious standouts would be the side coves from the first era, split rear window from the C2, rounded taillights and the lines through the last two generations. The three large tailpipes at the back make the vehicle look like it’ s got sufficient power to jettison it into room.

As Equus may customise the car to your exacts requirements, there is no specific powertrain, but they state the options can go to 1000hp, 822 lb-torque doing 0-60mph in 2 . five seconds and a top speed of 230 mph. They say the car is a restricted production model with possibly twenty five being built and prices beginning at $130k. If you want the ultimate within Corvette, this maybe your choice.

Find out more at the Equus website – http://www.equus-automotive.com/throwback/concept.html



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