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Old muscle cars are usually cool , and some of these classic cars are more valuable than other people. For example , a 1967 L88 Corvette Convertible recently went for an awesome $3. 2 million at the public sale. A 1971 Hemi Cuda Transformable 4-Speed sold for $3. 5 mil while a 1962 Shelby Cobra CSX2000 can fetch over $13 million when it goes under the sludge hammer. However , some muscle cars were detested at the time of their production, but are usually highly coveted today.

So what makes a shunned traditional muscle car a very sought-after machine today? Is it the powerful engine? Is it the famous drivers who drove these vehicles? Is it the badging?

ten 1969 Plymouth Barracuda 440

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Only a few examples of the particular 1969 Plymouth Barracuda 440 had been ever built, making it one uncommon and valuable muscle car nowadays. The Plymouth Barracuda 440 included a very large engine. In fact , it had been the largest power plant installed within cars in its class at that time.

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This V8 engine created 375 horses and 480 lb feet of torque making the car achieve 60 miles per hour in just five. 6 seconds. However , this strength made the car had to launch due to a lot of wheel spin. It also was not equipped with a power steering making it difficult to maneuver.

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9 Mercury Cougar Boss 302

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When the Mercury Cougar has been introduced, it was put on a Mustang chassis. The Cougar was mainly a luxury muscle car. Then, Kia made the Mustang Boss 302 in 1969. Since the Cougar relaxed on a Mustang chassis and all Mustang engines could fit it, this got its own version aptly called the Mercury Cougar Boss 302.

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However , the car wasn’t promoted heavily as was the Mustang Manager 302 despite being a powerful vehicle. In 1969, only 169 duplicates of the Mercury Cougar Boss 302 were made, making it a valuable discover today due to its rarity.

8 Pontiac Can-Am

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When the Pontiac Can-Am was launched in the early months of 1977, it was the most powerful muscle vehicle at the time. It had 200 braking mechanism horsepower under the hood. This was amazing especially being introduced at a time whenever high compression engines were becoming mangled by environmental and protection laws.

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The market loved the particular Pontiac Can-Am. Customers went on to put over 5, 000 reservations, and thus Pontiac contracted an outside company exactly who couldn’t deliver due to equipment problems. Pontiac grew impatient and terminated the contract after only 1, 377 deliveries.

7 Chevy Chevelle SS

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The Chevrolet Chevelle SS associated with 1969 is quite the looker. Aside from its sheer performance styling, the particular Chevelle SS was equipped with the V8 engine that churned out the gargantuan 450 horsepower and five hundred pound-feet of torque.

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This intended that it could go from sleep to 60 miles per hour in only 6. 1 seconds and complete the particular quarter mile in 13. seven seconds at 103 miles each hour. Today, this car is an uncommon find, and you could land the windfall should you be lucky to find a single.

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6 Pontiac GT-37

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Plymouth’s roadrunner came out within 1968 to rave reviews plus strong sales because of its low price, choices, and wild graphics. This vehicle was a homerun since these functions appealed to the young demographic. Others, including Pontiac noticed, and ran to introduce their own budget-friendly muscles cars.

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However , Pontiac had taken their sweet time and only released the GT-37 two years later. It had been essentially a Tempest with a GTO engine underneath and a handful of functionality options. On the outside, however , it was uninspiring as a muscle car and that allow to its failure in the market. Just 2, 000 examples were available.

5 Dodge Phone chrgr 500

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In the 1960s, Avoid had a deep wish to participate in NASCAR races . Their particular car that was best positioned in order to enter the race was the Charger. Nevertheless , the Charger wasn’t able to achieve high speeds because it wasn’t streamlined. Its concave-shaped rear glass in addition to a deep grille wasn’t doing it any kind of favors.

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So Dodge returned to the drawing board and presented the Dodge Charger 500. To enhance aerodynamics, they corrected the concave-shaped rear glass and fitted this with a flushed grille. Shortly after, Avoid introduced the Daytona 500, that was more popular than the Charger 500, which is how the 500 examples of the Avoid Charger 500 were forgotten.

four Oldsmobile Rallye three hundred and fifty

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One distinct feature from the Oldsmobile Rallye 350 is that all of the 3, 547 examples that were actually built are yellow. They failed to just paint the body yellow, even though. The whole car, including the bumper as well as the spoiler, was painted that colour.

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However , we think it appears unique and cool. It was furthermore characterized by intelligent engineering but this particular didn’t help it in the market. Today, this is a very rare find, one that could make a person millions.

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3 1974 Pontiac Firebird Trans Was SD 455

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Due to strict ecological and safety laws, muscle mass cars had practically lost just about all power and poise by mid 1970s. This made them very unappealing among the masses. However , the 1974 Pontiac Firebird Trans Feel SD 455 made it these laws giving us excellent power and impressive styling.

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This Firebird had a restyled front as well as rear and included an improved interior and stronger brake systems. Up front, it packed an OF V8 engine that produced up to 290 horses in the SD trim, which makes it quicker than even the Corvette.

two Mercury Marauder X-100

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Mercury envisioned the Marauder as a burly, luxury coupe – one that wasn’t intended for the racetrack. It was characterized by a very long engine and hidden headlights upfront. On the back, it had a concave-shaped back glass. However , when Mercury required something to face the Pontiac Great Prix, they introduced an upgraded Marauder – the Marauder X-100.

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It came with improved suspension, container seats, fender skirts, and an OF V8 engine that churned out 360 hp. Because it was still a heavy car, the X-100’s sales flopped only being able to deliver 8, 500 examples.

1 Kia Fairlane 427

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Ford has been eager to defeat Mopar at the pull races, so they set out to find a vehicle that was not only large enough to suit the humongous R Code 427 V8 engine but also nimble little. They landed on the Fairlane plus launched the Ford Fairlane 427 in 1967.

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This put out 425 ponies and included a light body and a potent driveline making it a success on the racetrack. Just 57 copies were made which makes it a valuable find today.

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