Banks Power Squeezes 1,200 HP From Duramax Engine: Video

If you’re looking to build a hugely effective diesel engine, the kind of thing that is suited to drive a monster vehicle, then Gale Banks and the people over at Banks Power are the hammers you want in your corner. Banks has invested the last several months working on a new seven. 0L V8 Duramax diesel motor, with plans to drop the ‘eight into a Monster Mutt Dalmatian group monster truck set to compete within Monster Jam. Now, Banks provides an update on the build having a video documenting how his group managed squeeze 1, 200 ponies from the diesel-powered V8.

Since GM Authority covered previously, Banks’ monstrous 7. 0L Duramax diesel engine was fitted with two Accuracy turbochargers, as well as a mammoth twin-screw supercharger, essentially making the engine “twin-charged. ” Supporting upgrades include a Banking institutions wide gear oil pump, the Banks Generation 1 military oiling system, an aftermarket high-pressure gasoline injection pump, and a long list associated with complementary extras. Now, this diesel powered engine is on a whole additional level in terms of output and possible.

Naturally, in the mission to make not only big power plus torque, but also razor-sharp throttle reaction, Banks is spending plenty of fine-tuning and testing his most recent creation. That’s where the following movie jumps in.

“There’s some thing weird going on here, ” Banking institutions says during the video introduction. “I keep backing down the blower swiftness, then we’re making more hp! What?! ”

This looks as though it has something to do with how the turbos interact with the supercharger, an issue that Banks investigates using a ton of data and decades associated with engineering know-how.

For those people out there eager to learn more about Banks’ amazing new Duramax engine, this movie provides a wealth of insight plus info, as well as a look at the thought process that will Banks employs when confronted with outcomes a bit out of the ordinary.

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