Traditional Mopar Muscle Car Collection Through 1950 and 60s

This listing on craigslist is really a whole host of Mopar’ s i9000 seemingly ranging from Dodge, Chryslers, Plymouths and Desotos all in various rustic states. How many cars there are as a whole is unclear, but all are looking for a thorough restoration.

Presently there doesn’ t seem to be any ultra-rarities here, but there is enough of the choice for any vintage Mopar lover to get enthusiastic. There are a few Desotos this website like a Fireflite, an early 60’ s i9000 Dodge lancer and a 1960 The chrysler Windsor Golden Lion, giving you a concept of the inventory. The Patina upon some of these cars would look great. Simply clear glossed over or even because ratty hot rods.

There is certainly are no details on the advertisement. to say which cars have powerhouse and such, so it’ s a few heading down to silver Spring, close to Washington if you are interested in one or more of those vehicles.

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