Exactly how Hall Racing Preps Chevy Co ZR2 Chase Truck For Escasa 1000: Video

A few days after the 53 rd BF Goodrich Score Baja 1000 Mexican rough-road race which took place on Nov 17 th to 20 th , Hall Racing has shared with all of us two videos to Facebook displaying the level of preparation required for the 2019 Chevy Co ZR2 chase vehicle, known as Chase 7, which GM Authority first referred to back in May.

As Program Manager for Chevy Racing off road programs, Jim Lutz, shows off Chase 7, it becomes instantly clear just how much talent, effort plus equipment are needed for the 2019 Colorado ZR2 to do its job efficiently. The chase truck carries any kind of equipment necessary to support the race-going trucks. Meanwhile, the racer bears its own spare wheels/tires as well as any kind of necessary fuel.

The very first video shows Chase 7’s Edelbrock E4 supercharger, which “helps all of us pass when we need to”. The additional power it creates partly compensates for your weight added by a tremendous amount associated with kit, including a shovel, open fire extinguishers, a first aid kit, energy cans and about as many extra lighting as could possibly be fitted to the vehicle.

Jim also tells GM Authority that he has various other items attached to the Chase 7 Colorado ZR2 Chase Truck not detailed within the videos, including:

  • Full Chevy Performance suspension components, shocks, springs, bump shocks
  • Chevy Performance engine consumption air filter asm and exhaust
  • Full AEV Bison slide plate package
  • AEV Bison rear bumper with KC backup flood lights
  • AEV Bison “High Mark” fender flares for 35 inch KM3 BFG tires on stock ZR2 rims
  • DECKED valuables system with two drawers:
    • Electric and electronics
    • SAE large wrenches
  • ZR2 liquids box
  • ½ ” DeWalt impact wrench

The second video focuses on the inside of the Co ZR2 chase vehicle, which is loaded with many extra products, including radios, a GPS system, the satellite phone and the items regarded as indispensable in any motorsport activity, snack foods and drinks.

Just like all vehicles of its type, the particular Colorado ZR2 chase truck has to carry all this gear over the exact same terrain as the racing trucks. Assisting it to achieve that are its 35-inch BF Goodrich tires, which sit down under the wide HighMark Fender Flares from AEV. Short for United states Expedition Vehicles, AEV is the rough-road aftermarket manufacturer that collaborated along with Chevrolet to produce the Colorado ZR2 Bison .

With assistance from the Co ZR2 chase truck, Hall Race successfully completed the Baja multitude of. Driving the highly-specialized #230 pickup truck, Chad Hall finished 30 th overall plus 6 th in the Trophy Truck Spec course with a time of 25 hours, twenty nine minutes, 54. 014 seconds.

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