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The modern Ford Mustang selection provides customers with all the thrills associated with muscled styling, powerful V8 motors, and even instantaneously offered electric torque in the Mach-E . But the Mustang’s long history offers seen plenty of ups and downs, as Ford lost track of what made the original Mustang so great. One high point, specifically looking back with hindsight, arrived the form of the Fox-body, or third-generation, Mustang, though in today’s top of the line era, the Fox-body simply are unable to keep up . Not so for this serious Fox-body that just featured in the video from Holley’s YouTube funnel after being filmed from Holley Ford Fest 2020 .

The car still belongs to its original proprietor, Greg Creamer, who bought it thirty-one years ago in July of 1989 and has spent all his period since then drag racing. The car started its life as a 5. 0l equipped Mustang LX, though it offers since received significant modifications because Creamer climbs up the ranks associated with Holley’s NMRA Coyote Stock course, including, of course , the Coyote OF V8 that’s been dropped in under the engine.

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Over the years, Creamer says he is bolted on superchargers and set up stroker motors—and yet, still keeps the manual transmission despite the popular tendency to switch to automatics just for drag racing. He even day-to-day drove the Mustang for about 10 years, which sounds amazing thinking of he also claims it would wear all its original paint (other than the bulbous hood, obviously).

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The years of drag race have taught Creamer that understanding what the car likes is just as essential, if not more so , than making substantial modifications. He’s been focusing on clutch system tuning and nailing his changes right at the ideal RPM, since also being a few hundred RPM away can hurt his quarter-mile periods. At Holley Ford Fest 2020, he got it all right and logged his personal best time of ten. 18 seconds at a trap quickness of 129 miles per hour. Simply listening to the Coyote V8 wail as he warms up the tires prior to a quick sprint should be enough to obtain anyone searching for how much that motor swap might cost for their very own car.

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