Pace cars and the Indianapolis 500 have gone hand-in-hand since its inception. The pace car being one of the oldest traditions and one of the landmarks of the race above fans and advertisers.

“I suppose you would consider that a tradition and that began here because they had forty cars and Shaw thought it was too many for a standing start. And so he remembered back to his bicycle days where they had rolling starts and he said would it be safer if we had a rolling start,” said Davidson. “So it is believed that the first time that a pace car was used to start a major automobile race was the Indianapolis 500 1911, so that’s been every year.”

Many pace cars were seen and remembered not just for their presence in status, but also for what they didn’t have. For example the 1985 Oldsmobile Calais remembered more for its lack of power.

Over the years many vehicles have been used, while this year it is Chevrolet Camaro leading the pack, bringing back memories of the historical ’69 Camaro.

Check out the full video to find out the historical impact of these wonderful pace cars.

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