Severe E completes star-studded first team test

Extreme Particularly completes star-studded first group exam

19 The holidays 2020, London:   Difficult E, the innovative new electric rough-road series, has completed its the first thing group test at MotorLand Aragón, Spain, with many of the world’s most prevalent names in rally and off road racing joining together.

The impressive line-up, which included move legends Sébastien Loeb and Carlos Sainz, World Rallycross champions Johan Kristoffersson, Timmy Hansen, and Mattias Ekström, Dakar Rally hotshots Cristina Gutiérrez and Laia Sanz, Watts Series Champion Jamie Chadwick, to Australian Rally Champion Molly The beauty, among more, marked an all-star meet up as the Extreme E baseball organizations got their first joint render.

It was also period chance the drivers had to go through the full potential of the championship’s 400kW (550bhp) ODYSSEY 21 electric SP as the first X Prix  throughout the Saudi Arabia, March 2021, draws this second closer.

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of utmost E, said:   “We’ve been working towards this day over two years. The dream is qualities . becoming a reality and it’s easily been a proud moment to find such a talented group of drivers generally. This championship has one of the perfect line-ups of drivers anywhere. ”

“Testing has become a huge success and a great way to absolve out what has been a challenging calendar months in so many ways. 2021 is planned to be the year where the world can see the main realisation of all our hard work and am cannot wait to show-off one of the many innovative motorsport formats the world possesses ever seen. ”   

The teams completed 2 days of testing  across two all terrain circuit layouts; a 3. 1km open course and a faster 1km circuit, getting to prove their techniques despite having to contend with foggy afflictions and low visibility at times.

Scot Elkins, Sporting Director at Extreme E, claimed:   “We battled the current weather a little bit as we had strange illnesses with the fog, but overall this masturbation sleeve is been really good. The cars to become really reliable and it’s appealing to see them running at loaded power and seeing the buyers all getting a chance to try out this machinery.   We’ve achieved what exactly we wanted to.

“We purchase two courses during the test, the very first was much longer and much more open,   it’s actually more suited to something that we’ll see on the real procedures in terms of having the course laid out near markers and typical designations, seen that the other course was more of an off course; it’s a single material which means it’s just dirt as opposed to the various other, which has some different materials dealing with on the races. The test has prescribed everybody a good opportunity to see the many types of environments that we’re going to be competition in next year. ”

The ODYSSEY 21 will be forced to its limits on some of my toughest terrains during the 2021 go season, including the desert, the Cold, and the Amazon, and Extreme E’s Founding Partner, Continental Tyres, spent some time working hard to create a tyre to meet this type of multitude of demands.

The exam was an important opportunity to showcase a newer innovation that will be part of the series ~ ContiConnect – a digital tyre inspecting system meaning greater safety on behalf of car and driver. The system builds up, measures and analyses data just like for example tyre pressure and temperature instantly, transmitting that information to the car on a display in the cockpit.

Founding Supplier CBMM, the very world’s leading supplier of niobium products and technology, has also been integral near developing the ODYSSEY 21, this also utilises niobium, making it lighter, more, more robust and more reliable. This is pretty much all while being more sustainable than any other materials, as the increased lightness dogs energy savings and improved general performance, and the added strength and durability afforded by using niobium technology will assist the Extreme At the chassis in dealing with the toughest concept thrown its way.

F1 driver Carlos Sainz Jr ., an investor in the ACCIONA | Sainz XE team, also joined test to get his first taste within your electric vehicle his team could well be competing in.

Carlos Sainz Jr said:   “I kind of expected my dad to want to be involved in Extreme Que and I saw him taking an interest, incredibly we’ve been very busy the three to four months with the project. The new whole new challenge and I see that could possibly be working very hard to make the team mainly because competitive as possible. The climate lesson behind Extreme E is really important even as we need to make people more conscious of discover what is going on in the world, while still making a show and good racing. ”

Following the test, vehicle will go back to the respective teams’ workshops for final adjustments before the being loaded onto the championship’s floating centrepiece, St . Helena, that is certain to depart in mid-February for its expedition around the world. Extreme E’s five-event almanac starts in Saudi Arabia in Stroll followed by Senegal in May, Greenland that kicks off in august, Brazil in October and Patagonia in December.

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Sébastien Loeb, X44:

“The car differs to what I’m used to driving, and was very happy to discover how successful it is and with good traction and even balance too – I’ve in fact enjoyed testing it out! It’s about great to work alongside the whole side while we get to know the vehicle and particularly to drive alongside Cristina. She’s w a very skilled driver, as well as a good worker, and I’m looking forward to having lige her as my partner in this new-fangled adventure.

“This end of has also been a good opportunity for me take a look at detail about the series itself together with places we will be visiting. It’s a completely new concept so who knows how it may be, but I’m excited to start the growing season and begin competing against the other area. ”

Cristina Gutiérrez, X44:

“Testing has been brilliant and We have loved adapting to the new used suv and figuring out how it works. Each single hour I’ve been here can be better than the one before and We have been able to learn so much already along with Sébastien and the team. He’s an astounding person to have as a co-driver and it has been giving me lots of suggestions – I’ve been trying to wind up as a sponge so I can soak real life taste up! It’s a dream to be able to study on one of the best drivers in the world.

“I can’t wait for next year and try to be able to start racing. Being between such a professional and expert squad has really inspired me and Im even more excited than I was ahead of when. ”

Molly Taylor, Rosberg Xtreme Racing:

“It’s been a brilliant two days with the team and creating the RXR ODYSSEY  21 vacation. It’s mine and Johan’s new driving the car at full impact and to drive it across small amount of very different track layouts has been worth your time and a lot of fun.  

“We seem to be learning a thousand foods every kilometre which is super of great benefit at this point in our development programme. The motor car is mega – really satisfaction to drive – and I can’t wait to gain it sideways at all the amazing valeur we’ll be visiting in 2021. ”

Johan Kristoffersson, Rosberg Xtreme Racing:

“It’s been a nice test for RXR. We arrived to the test excited to drive the RXR ODYSSEY 21 at full power up for the first time and it didn’t disappoint!   Everyone in the team has been concentrated adapting and learning as quickly as possible could be important with very few chances to attempt the car between now and the start of season.  

“We’ve gathered a lot of data over the 2 days and me and Molly will have a good understanding between each other you can car. It’s been a lot of fun u already can’t wait to go racing by Season 1 next year. ”

Claudia Hürtgen, ABT CUPRA XE:

“It was great to meet the Extreme E family for the first time. A atmosphere and mood in the hamac are unique: Everyone is very at ease but excited at the same time about beginning this new adventure. We had a lot of time to discover the car even better. It‘s perfect for having such an experienced partner at my side of thorax in Mattias. He shares mostly his tricks and experience with me personally, which of course helps enormously. ”

Mattias Ekström, ABT CUPRA XE:

“That has been two days as to pure fun. It was great to carry our beast on full ability for the first time and also to get a first impression belonging to the competition which is pretty strong. Even when times are not that important big butter jesus started test it was good to see that runners seem to be quite competitive. Sharing one of the race car is a new part for me but working with Claudia typically is super easy so I enjoyed it a great number. Can’t wait for spring now to try the main format of Extreme E under proper race conditions. ”

Carlos Sainz, ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team:

“It was really interesting to purchase a first glimpse of Extreme E throughout collective test. The car is unique and various to the rest in terms of power, suspension systems, energy management… We worked on folks and many more things, and I am beforehand looking forward to the competition”.

Laia Sanz, ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team:

“Everything was new for me personally, but it was great fun adjusting professionally to the Extreme E car. Medical professionsal previous experience in off-road speeding will definitely come in handy and I have also a superior teammate to make sure we are up in that respect there when the season begins”.  

Albert Fabrega,   ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team   Principal:

“Getting up to speed as a team was our traditional priority for this winter test, that can be a learning curve for all of us. We have satisfied with the lessons we have learnt of Alcaniz and now we can continue particularly preparation for the season with a whole lot more confidence”.

Catie Munnings, Andretti United Extreme Ice

“It’s been quite awesome to finally have an entire test with the team, it feels take pleasure in it’s all coming together this point and having the car at accurate power was super useful, accountable for the drivers, but also the men with vision to understand all the different mappings, which has been vital as this is very different to the world of combustion machine.

“We had particular close contact racing which has been awesome to see, and it’s cool to select the cars side by side, as so far we only seen one at a time. It’s needs to bring everything together and We have enjoyed meeting the Extreme E along with the people that we are going to be travelling to these types of amazing locations with. I’m solely really excited now to start the growing season. ”

Timmy Hansen, Andretti United Extreme Pois

“It’s at one time been two great days, but get yourself ready for a season in two days works as a hard job. We’ve been certainly busy from early morning to regarding at night but I think we’ve for certain gotten the most that we could associated with these two days. We couldn’t much better prepared, but there are still so many substantial unknowns, so it will be exciting to get there and see who can tackle one of the sand in the dunes and the new and exciting environments, as well as the whole race, who has got the best car, who’s created the best drivers. I’m very aroused! ”

Kyle LeDuc, Chip Ganassi Racing:

“The test your weekend was good! We formed with a longer track, which any really rocky terrain. Both Sara [Price] and I had to do our sections. We learned fantastic deal and made a lot of changes to the car, so did every other team. We so therefore switched to a short course, that was like a tighter rallycross track. I was able to experience multiple locations and prepare all the changes we could. It was good test with no major issues. Ahead of looking forward to taking this electric animal into the competition in March. ”

Sara Offering, Chip Ganassi Racing:

“We just got done with particularly first full field test using Extreme E Odyssey 21. Many tested on two courses this valuable weekend. We were able to experience most of drifting around the corners. During the to start off lap I was getting a feel for these car. This is the first time with full power and driving an electric OTHERSUV is a bit different; you really have to be unlined. Finding traction was tough, to ensure that the more aggressive we got, the better in which felt. Overall, the full field experiment with was successful and I think we have what can be done to win. ” 

Dave Berk, Team Guideline, Chip Ganassi Racing:

“I think the test was subjected to really well and I think everybody – every one teams, the organising series ~ have been challenged with the environment, specially the fog. All the teams were chomping at the bit to get to full durability, so this opportunity has been great, clubs are laying down hot laps & comparing themselves to others. It’s yet been good and we’re happy with connected with driver choices and very much want to the first race in Saudi Arabia. ”

Oliver Bennett, Hispano Suiza Xite Energy Pros:

“Great day or two settling into the new HSXE car or truck with team mate Christine! Everyone focused mainly on trying to get easy to wear in the car and learn from each other each feedback of how the car felt. The vehicle is so alive and ‘electric’ of travel with instant torque out the areas it feels plenty fast enough as well capable of some rough terrain analysis experience! ”

Christine Giampaoli, Hispano Suiza Xite Energy Team:

“These two days have been great fun! Like a, I had the opportunity to drive “the Beast” and I’m really looking forward to competing next year! So grateful for the brilliant job the whole team of HSXE has done to keep the car perfect and many types of the support given. ”

Jamie Chadwick, Che ? pi? veloce di quanto lo ? normalmente Racing:

“It’s been a great couple of days being able to press the Extreme E car at overall power for the first time. Unfortunately, the bug meant we didn’t get a large amount of laps as we would have liked but nonetheless , either way I’m always smiling when you drive this car. Lots to absorb and be able to work on going into the season begin the process next year. ”

About Extreme E:

Extreme E is a the radical new racing series, which will witness electric SUVs competing in hard core environments around the world which have already been broke or affected by climate and external issues. The five-race global expedition highlights the impact of climate change the order of and human interference in some about the world’s most remote locations moreover promotes the adoption of electric at no cost in the quest for a lower carbon expectations for the planet.  

To minimise local impact, Overwhelming E races will not be open to crowd, with fans instead invited after that the action through live THE TELLY broadcast, and on social media.  

The St . Helena, an ex passenger cargo ship, has experienced a multi-million Euro refit towards minimise emissions and transform the actual into Extreme E’s operations mainstay. The ship will be used to transport ones championship’s freight and infrastructure, consists of vehicles, to the nearest port, reducing Extreme E’s footprint, as well as applied to facilitate scientific research by means its on-board laboratory.

Extreme E is also pioneering hydrogen fuel cell technology which will give its race fleet to be incurred using zero emission energy. This excellent innovative solution from AFC An energy source uses water and sun to locate hydrogen power. Not only will this procedure emit no greenhouse emissions, his / her only by-product will be water, governed by utilised elsewhere on-site.  

Season 1 Calendar:  

Desert X Produits: AlUla, Saudi Arabia
20-21 March 2021
River X Prix: Lac Rose, Senegal 
29-30 May 2021
Arctic X Cotation: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland 
28-29 August 2021
Amazon X Prix: Para, Brazil 
23-24 October 2021
Glacier X Prix: Patagonia, Argentina   
11-12 December 2021

About Continental Tyres: Founding Relasi and Official Tyre Partner

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About CBMM: Founding Supplier

CBMM is the world leading supplier of niobium products and technology. Headquartered in Brazil, with offices and subsidiaries in China, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States.

CBMM offers technical innovation to customers around the globe through a team of over 2, 000 highly trained, dedicated professionals providing cutting-edge niobium products and technology to over 300 customers in 50 countries.

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