Personal Driving Apple Car Coming In 2024, New Report Indicates

The Apple car may be back again on the table after rumors surfaced immediately indicating the American technology business is developing a battery-electric vehicle which will enter production in 2024.

According to Reuters , Apple is establishing an autonomous consumer vehicle which will leverage advanced new battery technologies from the American company. This brand new battery tech will help to “radically” decrease battery costs, the report shows, potentially giving the Apple vehicle a competitive advantage over products from established electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla and General Engines.

While details on the electric battery technology are scarce at the moment, Reuters states the company has a new battery pack style that eliminates the need for individual pockets, freeing up space within the battery power module for more battery cells. This enables it to pack more energetic material into the battery, giving it a far higher energy density.

Apple first began exploring the thought of producing a passenger vehicle in 2014 and subsequently began designing its vehicle under the guidance of previous Tesla engineer Doug Field. With one point Apple had numerous people working on the program, known in house as “Project Titan”, although it started to scale back its efforts in 2019, instead choosing to focus on the software part of vehicle development. It also obtained autonomous vehicle development firm Generate. AI around this time.

Oddly enough, Apple is not developing a shared autonomous vehicle to compete with offerings such as the Cruise Source or Zoox robotaxi . Rather, the Apple car will be situated as a consumer vehicle that will be available and will appeal to the mass marketplace. The technology company is also apparently looking for an established automotive manufacturing companion that can build the vehicle. This indicates the Apple car will contend with other EVs targeting average customers, like the Chevy Bolt EV plus Tesla Model 3, for example.

Apple is targeting 2024 to begin production of its mysterious self-driving ELECTRONIC VEHICLES, although the COVID-19 pandemic may hold off its arrival until 2025, Reuters reviews. Apple shares rose by 3 percent in pre-market trading Wednesday morning following the publication of the document.

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