Get A Glimpse Of This McLaren Sabre In Yellow And Black Livery

The McLaren Sabre is probably one of the greatest enigmas of 2020. We have not got any concrete details on the car yet, and we have only seen it in a few spy shots and videos. However, we now have quite a detailed look at the new McLaren. A couple of leaks have appeared, and one of them has shown the new car casting off its camo to reveal a very striking yellow and black livery, finally giving some detail to the car.

We have really been waiting a long time for the Sabre, the first rumblings taking place in 2018 before we saw more concrete evidence of the car this year. This is not the first leakor early look at the car though. Instagram user posted some photos of his Sabre as it is undergoing painting in a Modica blue livery. And now, we have another Sabre to look at.

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This leak instead comes courtesy of @cochespias on Instagram. We don’t have as many photos as we have seen with the previous Sabre leak, but it shows a Sabre being kitted out at the front and in quite a striking yellow and black livery with all manner of carbon elements around the front of the car. This is quite a striking livery for the new car. We fully expect many more color schemes to become available for the car, but this is one of the closest looks we have got yet of the new car.

The image appears to be inside of McLaren’s Woking building, where both its production and F1 team is based. Another image in the Instagram post shows a rendering of the back end of the car and it looks like it might be an official one as well.

The Sabre is expected to be the primary successor to the P1, part of the original hypercars trilogy that included the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918. The car, however, has yet to undergo an official reveal and full specs of it are scarce, although we believe it is going to be a hybrid.

Source: Instagram

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