1970 Oldsmobile 442 Stolen From Driveway

Don’t mess with another man’s ride is usually the moto.
Someone didn’t follow this rule and took Ray Ebert’s 1970 Oldsmobile 442 from his driveway.

The car valued around $16,000 may not be a massive sum, but you cannot put a price on the amount of work that goes into the restoration of one of these cars.

The main concern is that whoever has taken the car will not give it the same TLC as Ray has done since he first owned the car.

“Went to different car shows with it. It was popular, especially with the women,” he said.

Recently, the couple parked it on their driveway and put it up for sale. But unfortunately, somebody skipped the idea of buying the car and stolen it in the middle of the day Sunday.

“I figure it’s probably somebody that stopped and looked it over,” he said.

“Unbelievable, shocking,” said neighbor, Amanda Faulkner. She lives across the street and was one the last people to see car.

“I’ve never noticed it not being there until that day, I think that’s what was so odd and then three hours later the police came by to ask us questions,” she said.

Ebert and his wife Cindy hope it turns up but more importantly still in one piece.

“It makes me sick to think maybe it went where they’ve taken it totally apart,” Cindy said as she started to tear up. “I’d rather seen it go to somebody who’s going to enjoy it.”

You have any information on the car please contact Speedway Police Department at 317-246-4300.

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