Video: Hauk Designs Picks Bilstein 9200 Shocks For Unimog Project

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Designer Kenny Hauk from Hauk Designs has done it again. This time, Hauk Designs is installing brand-new Bilstein 9200 series bypass shocks on a Mercedes-Benz Unimog. In June, Hauk Designs began working on the creation of this Unimog, the DoKa 416, for Bilstein. It will be the ultimate modernization of this off-roading icon.

The factory locations of the original shocks weren’t perfect for the project at first, but that was remedied soon enough. With some mount modifications on both the front and rear of the Unimog, Hauk Designs successfully completed the next step in this immaculate project. The Bilstein 9200 shocks are adjustable based on the amount of clearance needed.

The 9200 series bypass shocks are designed for short-course racing, Bilstein sales manager Brian McCroskey explained. The shocks feature a 3-inch body and a 1 1/8-inch piston shaft. It’s meant to last for a long time, and it can handle plenty of weight.

The flexibility of this Bilstein shock is great for off-roading. Its durability, combined with a sleek look, will help this Unimog crawl over earth with ease. Bilstein, which has been in business for more than 60 years, has plenty of shock options to choose from for your off-road vehicle. The company combines its love for off-road racing with a passion for enhanced technology, and it’s the perfect way to enhance the rideability of your vehicle.

This is one Unimog that stands out from the crowd!

Be sure to check out Bilstein’s site and their Facebook page to see their latest products.

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