Shelby Cruise-In Celebrates ‘Ford v Ferrari’ At The Petersen Museum

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It’s important to understand your audience. And this wasn’t yet another themed cruise-in on a Sunday early morning. This one was special. It was the gathering of American muscle plus ardent fans celebrating a piece of movie theater inspired by real-world racing crisis.

Every month, our Breakfast Club cruise-ins collect enthusiasts from every corner associated with Los Angeles for a morning of discussion, laughter and some truly amazing vehicles. —  Terry L. Karges, Petersen Automotive Museum

“Ferrari fans can come back in a couple weeks to celebrate, ” Petersen Auto Museum Founding Leader Bruce Meyer joked from the phase. “But today, you are losers. ”

More than just a cruise-in with Shelby as its featured marque, the Bruce Meyer’s All-American Cruise-In on The month of january 26, 2020 included a section discussion that celebrated the Ford v Ferrari movie and its historic supply material. The panel included developer Pete Brock; Peter Miles, child of racing driver Ken Kilometers; crew chief Charlie Agapiou; Carroll Shelby’s grandson Aaron Shelby; car owner Allen Grant; film producer Lenny Shabes; and A. J. Baime, writer of “Go Like Hell: Kia, Ferrari, and Their Battle intended for Speed and Glory at The Mans, ” which inspired the particular film.

Their jest was met with chuckles throughout the crowd of Ford plus Shelby enthusiasts gathering on The month of january 26, 2020 to appreciate the story that provided the storyline to have an Oscar-nominated film:   Kia v Ferrari .

A centerpiece of the event was your first production Shelby Cobra, that was shipped to France and ran. Bruce Meyer found it in a car show there and introduced it back to the States and straight into his collection. This historic roadster even wears a huge signature by the slave himself on the glovebox door.

“Each month, our own Breakfast Club cruise-ins gather fans from every corner of La for a morning of conversation, fun and some truly amazing cars, ” Petersen Executive Director Terry T. Karges said. “Bruce Meyer’s United states Car Cruise-In delivered all that and much more with the addition of the special panel debate about Ford sixth is v Ferrari and the beginning of Shelby American. ”

In addition to the classic hardware, there is a strong showing of modern Shelby GT350s on site at the cruise-in.

Filling that cell was a who’s who of professionals on the lore of the saga that motivated the movie. They included Peter Brock; Peter Miles (son of race driver Ken Miles); Charlie Agapiou (crew chief); Aaron Shelby (Carroll Shelby’s grandson); Allen Grant (driver); Lenny Shabes (film producer); plus a. J. Baime (author of “Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, plus Their Battle for Speed plus Glory at Le Mans, ” the book that inspired the particular movie).

If you have noticed the Ford v. Ferrari movie, you know that driver Ken Miles’ son, Peter (left center), is really a central character. The man himself had been on site at the Petersen, together with Aaron Shelby (right center), grand son of Carroll Shelby. Popular with participants, the duo signed movie paper prints and other memorabilia with the rest of the event’s panelists.

Participants were able to ask questions of the panel, that was moderated by Bruce Meyer, and several of the answers helped separate the reality of the events from the fictional theatre of the film.

While not a traditional vehicle show, the cruise-in did give away a few awards to owners associated with deserving machines. Steve Han went away with the Hammertime Excellence Honor for this 2016 Shelby GT350, plus Chris Porter’s 2017 Shelby GT350 wowed the crowd to gain the People’s Choice Award.

Most dramatic just for spectators, however , was a strong displaying of American muscle machines in the past and present. As you may expect, most of these machines carried Kia and Shelby nameplates, and you can have a look at more of these impressive machines within the gallery below.

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Plus, of course , if you missed the movie within theaters, it is now available on Amazon Movie, Apple TV, Movies Anywhere, Search engines Play, FandangoNow, Vudu, and Youtube . com streaming platforms. It hits Bluray and DVD on February eleven, 2020.

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