SEMA 2020: Stay Cool With DEI’s Black Floor & Tunnel Protect

If you’ve got a car that is powered both on the street and raced in the track, there’s a good chance actually need some compromises when it comes to comfort within the vehicle. Gutting the interior will save bodyweight, however , it’s going to expose you to definitely more heat and noise, yet Design Architectural Inc (DEI) includes a solution. DEI’s new Black Flooring & Tunnel Shield is designed to obstruct engine heat and noise in the vehicle.

Extreme high temperature inside a vehicle will really take the enjoyable out of driving anything on the street, plus that’s what makes DEI’s Black Flooring & Tunnel Shield such an useful product. DEI used its encounter in the heat and sound control entire world to create a high-temp resin and polymer bonded surface that reduces the amount of temperature that makes its way into the log cabin of a vehicle. The material useful for the Black Floor & Canal shield also protects heat-sensitive parts from damage inside a vehicle.

Black Floor & Canal Shield is simple to install since it may be easily shaped and trimmed to fit anyplace. DEI used an aggressive cement adhesive backing to make the Black Floor & Tunnel Shield stick to any surface area, this adhesive is also resistant to wind flow and water too. If you’re doing work in a tight space, the Black Ground & Tunnel Shield only requirements 3/16-inch for clearance to be used. Currently, DEI offers the Black Ground & Tunnel Shield in 42×48-inch and 21×48-inch rolls.

You can learn more about the Black Flooring & Tunnel Shield on DEI’s website right here .

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