Chevy Colorado Duramax Averages 33 MILES PER GALLON During 186-Mile Run

We recently visited Alberta, Europe, for the eighth annual EcoRun occasion hosted by the Automobile Journalist Organization of Canada (AJAC). Among the wide selection of vehicles brought to the event by carmakers to test out real-world energy consumption was obviously a 2019 Chevy Colorado Duramax using the 2 . 8L LWN turbo-diesel motor.

Our run within Chevy’s diesel-powered midsize truck started in Calgary, where we were inquired to follow a route that had Alberta’s vast farmland, and all the best way to Banff, 4, 537 feet over sea level in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies. During the 186-mile-long adventure, the particular GM Authority team recorded typically 33 MPG fuel consumption within the Colorado Duramax.

The 33 MILE PER GALLON figure was recorded during both road and city driving, with the last stretch of the run mostly carried out on ascending terrain. Average quickness was 65 mph.

While the majority of the vehicles getting involved in the EcoRun were hybrids, full electric automobiles and gasoline-powered types, the Colorado Diesel was the just diesel-powered truck there.

The Chevy Colorado Duramax is definitely powered by the turbodiesel 2 . 8-liter LWN I4 rated at 181 horsepower 369 pound-feet of torque. The particular four-cylinder diesel engine is combined to an automatic 6L50 six-speed transmission .

2019 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax with AJAC EcoRun (3)

Not just was the observed fuel economy within our Colorado Duramax impressive for a not-so-small pickup truck, but it also bested some cross vehicles that were also competing in case. The 2020 Ford Explorer hybrid, a brand new, completely-redesigned three-row crossover SUV, which depends on electrification to save fuel, only handled a 30 mpg average within similar conditions.

2019 Chevy Colorado Duramax at AJAC EcoRun (4)

The Chevrolet Co Duramax isn’t just a fuel effective truck, but it’s also the particular reigning champ when it comes to towing, having a 7, 700-pound maximum tow line rating capacity – the highest in the segment. And even with new gamers that have entered the space, including the brand new Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator, the Chevy Colorado continues to be a sales leader , just beaten by the Toyota Tacoma.

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