Melody Your Late-Model Hot Rod Plus Save Money To Boot

If there is anything better than getting totally free stuff, it’s getting a discount if you have to buy stuff. Thanks to the good people at SCT Performance   and Bully Dog, you can get the tuner you will need and keep some of your cold, tough, cash in your pocket.

The deal works like this: consumers could get up to a $50 rebate on their gadget purchases in November and Dec. To get the rebate, simply buy your gadget through an authorized dealer anytime within November through the end of Dec 2020, and then turn in the claim type to get a prepaid VISA card. You could find the rebate form on the SCTflash. com website.

The particular rebate is valid with any one of SCT’s Livewire Vision and TS+, GTX, BDX, and X4 products. Diesel guys can take advantage of the particular rebate on Bully Dog’s BDX, GTX, GT Diesel, GT Fuel, and GTX-Watchdog devices.

We know what you’re thinking, “saving money is great, but do I actually need a tuner”? That depends on your own perspective. If your vehicle is enjoyable to drive and still utilizing the manufacturer engine tune, then imagine just how much more fun it will be once you connect the particular SCT tuner and upload a performance tune!

Another benefit open to enthusiasts is the ability to check for, plus clear, any Check Engine requirements found in history. Data monitoring can also be included in several units and can end up being highly beneficial when diagnosing problems or using other aspects of the device for tuning of the vehicle. SCT tuners also have the availability to read current data from a variety of sensors to get information such as air/fuel ratio, EGT, or many other 0 to. 5-volt-based sensors. So yes, a tuner is a great asset.

SCT Performance is a household name within the performance community, and its lineup associated with tuners has been the choice for household cars and trucks for years. SCT’s handheld enthusiasts and monitoring systems are a number of the easiest to use, ergonomic, and useful tools on the market for increasing the particular performance of your late-model hot pole. Each SCT tuner comes with pre-built performance tunes based around energy octane and other upgrades to give your automobile excellent power gains without the need with regard to installing any hard parts. All SCT’s tuners and monitors simply upload its powerful tunes in just a few minutes through your vehicle’s OBD-II slot so you can realize performance gains within minutes.

This discount won’t last forever, so be sure you help your ride achieve the overall performance you know it can. Let’s face this, saving money is a great thing, and when it can save you money and boost performance, what’ not to like. Check out the SCT and Bully Canine websites for these offers beginning November 1 .

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