By Mark Weisseg

It’s the best car ever. Strong words from a Ford and Mopar lover. But I have been to many shows and auctions in my life and nobody ever gets this one wrong. Did you ever walk up to a Mustang and say I wonder if it’s is a 67 or a 68?

With a ’57 Chevy you cannot be wrong. Everyone knows it is a ’57. They are world wide known. They bring in big money no matter what the condition. Few cars can claim that. So, what started out as a regular family car has turned into an iconic car of all time.

Park this in your driveway and everyone who drives by knows it is a 57. That is remarkable. So what did Chevy do for 58? Changed the style completely. They did not know back in ’57 they designed and built the best car ever. Not that it did not break down or rust in time – it did. But, the 57 captured time in a bottle. We all can see ourselves cruising in a ’57 with the oldies on. Whether a hard top or a drop top this car is cool.

Now the four door version is nice but demand for those today is slim. That goes for really any four door. Two doors too many.
If you ever want a piece of history this is the car. Everyone will know you are driving a 57. Just do not expect to get off cheap. Remember, when in vogue you will pay until it hurts. And it will hurt until you turn the key.

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