Norway’s Mercury Cyclone: Built For Driving

Norway may not be the first place you think of for having muscle car fans, but this video proves the point that in all corners of the world, there are people who are fans of the muscle car.

Alexander Brevik walks us through this video showing his incredible looking Mercury Cyclone, talking about his relationship with the car and his obsession with working on these vehicles.
You also get to see some of fine scenery from Norway, but more importantly some great close-up shots of the car which show that when you have a muscle car in prime condition, no matter the make or model, it shows why these vehicles are still revered after 50 years. They simply look incredible.

“The one good thing about the Cyclone is when I get bored of working on my cars, I can always drive that, because that’s in good shape,” says Brevik. “I don’t have to work on it.”
“I know it’ll take me from A to B, and wherever I want to go.”


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