Is usually Throttle House' s Genesis GV80 vs Bentley Bentayga Review Ludicrous?

An unlikely car assessment paired with slightly forced hilarity means it must be time for another Throttle House YouTube presentation. In a recent video, Jones and James weigh up the Korean upstart Genesis GV80 and British stalwart Bentley Bentayga . The group looks at the brand-new 2021 GV80, a loaded test model that will stickers at about $66, 000 (CDN$85, 000). While a brand-new Bentayga starts close to $185, 000, the Throttle Home team chose a 2017 model really worth about $129, 000 (CDN$164, 995). At first glance, this review seems foolish, but the analogy starts to make sense in the future.

An external review finds that both GV80 and Bentayga feature a huge, cross-hatch grill and a winged-hood logo. The similarities continue horizontal front side fender accents, chrome roof side rails, and wide exhaust tips. Audiences then discover that there is a reason for sameness. SangYup Lee designed both Sports utility vehicles. Lee is the head of the Hyundai Global Design Center and was the outdoor designer for Bentley and VW/Audi’s Advanced Studio.

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Thomas begins their assessment of the Bentley’s interior simply by remarking that almost everything possible is definitely trimmed with leather. He phone calls out the extreme attention to details found in the Bentayga—no surprise provided its price point. Clean, simple instrumentation and controls also stand out. For the downside, the infotainment system seems dated—again, no surprise as 2017 was your debut year for this SUV.

Moving on to the GV80, Wayne complements its soft-close doors. An additional similarity with the Bentley. And while there are many leather-covered touchpoints, the GV80 indoor is not at a Bentley level of quality. Whilst Thomas praises the GV80’s two-spoke steering wheel’s unique design, the settings falls flat with James. Adam also faults the 3D device cluster as gimmicky and the infotainment touch wheel as “last era. ”

The duo begins the driving segment simply by pushing the Genesis on a turning rural road. The GV80’s Achilles heel is the coarseness and insufficient refinement with the 375 hp twin-turbo 3. 5L V-6. At the same time, the particular Genesis provides less isolation compared to other luxury SUVs. However , the particular smooth ride and overall responsiveness elicit a “drives great” remark from James.

The particular Bentley’s 12-cylinder, twin-turbo engine generates 600 hp and thus, is a little league above the Genesis’ power vegetable. The same goes for the Bentayga’s insulation ride and superb corning. Almost all characteristics that are mandatory in a six-figure ride. While Thomas feels the particular Bentley is worth the money, especially at it could used price, James expresses problem about the reliability of a three-year-old super SUV.

In closing, Jones adds that Genesis has “unabashedly copied” the Bentayga, but you obtain what you pay for. GV80 owners do not get the full Bentayga experience for fifty percent the price. He remarks that the GV80 is an “incredibly competent vehicle. inch One that goes toe-to-toe with its price-matched German rivals and has all the Bentley’s outside flair.

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