429 Cobra Jet, 1970 Ford Torino Barn Find!

429 Cobra Jet, 1970 Ford Torino Barn Find!

Not as big a prize discover as the 64 Shelby Cobra in January –, but finding a 70’ s Torino is not a bad second.

Mark Watkins, recently retired from your highway department, got some great information as he wanted a classic muscle vehicle for his retirement.
his friend Jim Pierce stated, “ You know, John never do get rid of his old Torino. Brenda, his widow, still has it. Probably she would sell it? ”

Mark had already had experience of the Torina in his youth, “ They were so long on power, ” Mark says. “ I was the Chevy guy, but I have to acknowledge that was the toughest engine. This went through three or four high school kids and not got overhauled and didn’ to need it. It took it. ”

Mark says, “ He didn’ t know this particular thing had that kind of energy. But did it ever make background. This thing had a name into it, the Torino . This drove around town and everyone looked at it. It was kind of like the legend in its own time.

“ We were going up towards a Fairlane one time, heading among Lancaster and Downing. The Fairlane was trying to outrun us. Everyone thought it ran good. He or she was running 110. So I forced the pedal on down plus was still in Third equipment. I buried the speedometer in 120, shifted into Fourth, plus flew past the Fairlane like it has been an afterthought. ”

“ We weighed that vehicle one time. I think it weighed four, 100 pounds. So , weight proceeded to go against you for drag race right from the get-go. ”

The car currently belongs in order to Ashley, John Wall’ s girl, John Wall being Mark Watkins friend from his youth which bought the car.


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