Saleen Stunting: Driving A Borrowed Saleen To The Saleen Nationals

As members of the media looking to cover as many events as possible throughout a year, our mode of transport to those events is not always some thing of our choosing. Often times, our individual Ford muscle is left behind in support of something more economical or dependable. You can find those rare occasions, however , whenever we get to play with our own toys whilst we work.

After that there is the even more rare and special event when someone else tosses us the particular keys to their toy, and let us play with them while all of us work. The latter is exactly what happened final August as we headed to Charlotte, New york, to cover the 2018 Saleen Nationals . Passionate Saleen collector Travis Smith thrown us the keys to their Legend Lime 2005 Saleen S-281SC for the trip, making it 1 we will not soon forget, plus allowing us to fully engulf ourself in everything that is Saleen.

The Acquisition

I picked up Mr. Smith’s Saleen right outside of Spartanburg, South Carolina, the past hour or so of my trip to the Saleen Nationals. Travis great wife, fellow Saleen enthusiast Mallory Smith, were already on their method to the Nationals in their his plus hers Fox-body Saleen Mustangs after i arrived at the Smith compound to get my Legend Lime ride.

This particular specimen is one of only 7, 741 Mustangs produced in Legend Lime for the 2006 model year (making it the particular rarest of the ten colors readily available for the first year S197 Mustang). I discovered it sitting out front from the Smith’s house parked right in which he said it would be – he had not been pulling our leg! This was actually happening! Once inside, I found the particular keys in the center console, a complete tank of premium gasoline, plus an Alice in Chains COMPACT DISC loaded up and ready to go in the particular six disc changer. This was certainly going to be an awesome road trip!

First Impressions

When i made my way toward the particular interstate headed for Charlotte, I possibly could not help but notice that the particular Saleen felt very familiar. It had been a lot like my personal (basically stock and extremely boring) 2005 Mustang GT. When i approached the on-ramp, my brain flashed back to the conversation My spouse and i with Travis the night before. “Enjoy it, ” he told me. “There is nothing you can do to the vehicle that I have not already done. ” With that in mind, I pushed the accelerator toward the floor, experiencing the boosted 3-valve for the first time.

“Impressive! ” I thought, as the 400-horsepower 4. 6l pinned me back into the broader and much more comfortable leather Saleen chairs. It is certainly no GT500, but it drags nice, and offers a large improvement more than my stock GT. As a quickness faster than the law would allow rapidly approached, I stabbed the Saleen brakes for the first time. A huge grin entered my face as they quickly drawn the car back into the realm associated with legal speed. This was definitely a vehicle I was going to enjoy driving! This did not take me long to find out what all the Saleen fuss involved!

The 2005 Saleen S-281SC is greatly modified through the basic GT you would have found at the local Ford dealer. Front, back, and side body panels, Saleen wheels, and custom Saleen images set the exterior apart. The interior’s major modification comes in the form of the set of Saleen bucket seats, together with other small modifications. The big game player is mounted on top of the three-valve, 281 cubic-inch powerplant. Saleen’s Twin Mess supercharger wakes the 3-valve upward from a sleepy 305 horsepower to some potent 400 horsepower power ranking – a number, by the way, that fits that of the rival Corvette in the same 2005 model year.

The Nats

The Charlotte area is famous for its motorsports and automotive activities. The area is home to Charlotte Motor Speedway, zMAX Dragway, and Mooresville Dragway just to name a few. It also performs host to dozens of NASCAR groups, as well as the NASCAR Hall Of Popularity. Most recently, the Mustang Owners Art gallery has opened up in town, providing another destination for automotive fans coming into the region.

The Saleen Nationals ( you can check out there the entire article here ) provided us a chance to cruise close to Charlotte with a couple of dozen additional Saleen Mustangs, hitting some of the previously mentioned spots along with Dennis Carpenter Corrections. Having a Mustang worthy of cruising with the other participants from the Saleen Club Of The united states definitely made the big event more enjoyable! If you are looking for a Saleen Mustang of your own, the club is a great place to begin for everything Saleen!

While we played in the Smith’s 2005 Saleen, Travis and Mallory enjoyed their pair of awesome Saleen Fox-bodies. It was a blast watching couple enjoy the hobby they love collectively all weekend. Mallory had the particular honor of having both Steve Saleen and his wife Liz sign the particular dash of her white plus gold Saleen. Meanwhile, Travis required home the prize of best Saleen Fox with his maroon plus gold Saleen at the car display on Saturday.

This was not this Legend Lime green beauty’s first Saleen Nationals look. Travis and Mallory had the vehicle shipped out to Colorado for the 2017 event, and were able to drive the vehicle to the top of legendary Pikes Peak! Talk about a bucket listing experience! As you can see by the decals for the windshield, they have enjoyed the car in several other events, including long carrying the power tour in 2018. They have got also pushed her to the limitations on the Tail Of The Dragon two times: once during the Saleen Club Of America’s annual Dragon Run, and again at Ponies In The Smokies. They have even taken this Pony to the Atlantic Ocean for Myrtle Beach’s annual Mustang Week. As beautiful as this car is, it is no trailer queen. The Smith’s love driving it and making memories that will last a very long time!

Until The next occasion

As the Nationals flew by and Saturday morning quickly came, we got to personally go through the unique and gorgeous body lines of the S197 Saleen once we cleaned the car up for the Saleen Nationals car show. As the girl had some road grime on her from the previous two days of fun, it did not just take long to have her shining bright again. Getting to proudly park and show off “our” Saleen among a number of the finest in the country to bring an end to an awesome weekend was definitely a goody. Saleen owners are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Although they all knew that technically I was an “outsider, ” I was treated like family from the time I got there to the full time I left.

While we regretted tossing the keys back to Travis on Sunday, we’re able to only hope he would let us play in his Legend Lime beauty again some day. In enough time since we borrowed the car, Travis tells us he has made a few improvements to it, including a much better sound system, lighter wheels, and more boost under the hood, along with a custom tune just to name a few. While the 2019 Saleen Nationals have come and gone, we hear there is a big party being planned up in Wisconsin for the 2020 Saleen Excellent. Mr. Smith, need an extra car again?

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