Road Sweeper: Lonnie Tibbs Seven 2nd Mustang Street Car

The adrenaline rush that race provides is what gets people connected; the younger the age you experience that hurry, the deeper the hooks go ahead.   Lonnie Tibbs began race early in his teens, then advanced through different cars and systems over the years as his need for quickness grew. His newest car, “Lucky Bear”, is a boosted Fox entire body Mustang that’s a legitimate seven-second road car and his quickest ride however.


Racing for Tibbs began at a really young age. therefore young he actually didn’t have a drivers license. “I began racing at 15, before I had been licensed driver. My dad worked second-shift so I would take our family vehicle, a Chevy Lumina, to a nearby track to race it anytime I could. If I went rounds or even there were any delays, I would depart early to have the car back and cleansed before he got home, ” Tibbs says.

Whenever he could finally legally drive plus race, Tibbs started out like most racing enthusiasts in the bracket racing wars in the track. His first years contending were spent with the import picture, until he wanted to go faster, so he stepped over to the domestic side of things.


Tibbs had a 2000 Mustang that was upon pace to be his first seven-second street car, when a mechanical failing caused a spectacular and costly incident at Summit Motorsports Park throughout testing. The search for a new vehicle began after the crash, and the “Got To Have It Green” 1990 Mustang roller his new car is founded on was found in Virginia — and therefore, project Lucky Bear was born.

Tibbs took the vehicle to Big 3 Racing, exactly where Alex Olivo began stripping the vehicle for Chuck Stefanski to start the wiring process. Rick Trunkett fabricated the new turbo kit from the beginning that gets boost from a 94mm Precision Pro Imod turbo.


Powering Fortunate Bear is a 385 cubic ” small-block Ford that was built simply by Bill Klein at On The Fender Performance Engine. The engine is definitely topped with a set of ported Technique Flow heads plus Eldelbrock Victor Junior. intake. Controlling the motor is really a Holley Dominator ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT, along with a Davis Technologies traction control unit and lump box.

Backing the particular might blue oval motor is really a FTI   Powerglide tranny with an FTI 10-inch Pro Imod torque converter, while a stock-style suspension full of Team-Z goodies and AFCO shocks help to plant the power.


Lucky Bear made more than 1, 285 horsepower on the dynamometer at Big 3 Racing just 20 psi of boost. Tibbs’ current personal best is a seven. 85 at over 184 with — not bad for a street vehicle. Some might question just how much of the street car Lucky Bear is definitely, and that would be a mistake. The increased Mustang has won True Road in both the NMRA and the NMCA this year, goes on weekly cruises, and will also be running in Hot Rod Drag 7 days next month.

Tibbs has brought his long obsession with pull racing and turned it as one of the quickest street cars within the Midwest. Look for Lucky Bear plus Tibbs this year at Drag 7 days and other street car shootouts across the nation in 2017 … it’s a tough one to miss.

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