Customized Shelby GT500 Super Snake will 220 mph in the standing kilometer


With the ever-increasing horsepower limits of modern cars the particular standing mile has recently become the brand new benchmark in straight line functionality. Incredibly, many highly modified vehicles including the Ford GT have attained more than 250 mph in the standing up start test.

While perhaps not as quick as the more expensive supercars, several Kia Mustangs have put down some quite impressive numbers in the standing kilometer. Earlier this year the twin-turbo 2011 Mustang project of Ken Bjonnes, Jon Lund and Jake Long do more than 206 mph at the Tx Mile, and Creations ‘n Chrome’s SEMA Boy Racer Mustang attained an impressive 182 mph at the Mojave Mile a few months later – pretty good for a show car.

The king associated with Mustangs when it comes to the standing kilometer, however , is this 2007 Shelby GT500 Super Snake built by Revan Racing. Powered by a fully constructed 5. 8L V8 from L&M Engines fitted with a Kenne Bell 3. 6L liquid-cooled supercharger program, the Shelby reached an incredible 230. 8 mph at the Texas Kilometer event late last month. So far as we know, that makes it the world’s quickest street legal Mustang.

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