2020 Product Showcase: ProCharger Boost for the Bullitt

If you’re a fan of the S550 Bullitt, you know there isn’t much to enhance upon. The Bullitt is wonderful, and its lineage speaks for by itself. ProCharger knew there was power available though, so they set out to unlock this — and they were successful. ProCharger supercharger systems are now available for the particular 2019 plus 2020 Mustang Bullitt , plus they offer an insane 70%+ strength gain over stock. “And lots more for customers wanting to run E85 or more boost, ” clarified ProCharger’s Erik Radzins.

“The small variations Ford added to this car ensure it is just amazing, ” said Radzins. “The dashboard having the retro ‘tach needle, ’ the sounds the particular mufflers make, the color, the extra horsepower… it’s just all around a great vehicle, and the ProCharger system adding A LOT horsepower so easy — well it requires it from amazing to actually perfect. ”

The particular systems are easy to install in your garage making use of common hand tools. There is no trimming, trimming, or otherwise messing with the Mustang required. You might have realized that we mentioned “systems” — plural. ProCharger offers several different kits to choose from based a couple of different supercharger trims: P-1SC-1, P-1X, and D-1X.

The particular P-1SC-1 supercharger included in ProCharger’s “Street Kits” is available with two various intercoolers: the H. O. as well as the Stage II. The H. Um. system includes a shared 6-rib supercharger belt drive system and was created keeping OEM quality in-mind. This easily bolts in and can be used out, with no cutting required. Devices and pulleys can be changed with out removing the supercharger itself, plus ProCharger has included the fine-tuning setup, complete with a handheld tuner.

The particular Stage II system builds for the H. O. system, also which includes a 75% larger intercooler (1, 103 cubic-inch core to the L. O. ’s 630 cubic-inch core) for cooler air intake temperature ranges. It also includes an 8-rib devoted belt drive system for the optimum in power transfer, as well as a gasoline system upgrade. The Stage II system promises a 65-70% hp gain on pump gas along with 8. 5 psi boost.

ProCharger offers a number of choices when it comes to each system, including the complete of the supercharger and bracket (polished, black, or satin). You can also select a black intercooler finish, helical equipment set for noise reduction, competition bypass valve upgrade (for Mustangs making over 750 horsepower or even for those owners who just like the audio of a loud bypass), and a good nGauge Programmer to replace the integrated handheld kit.

Techniques start at $6, 798, while tuner kits start at $6, 248, plus there is an available powertrain warranty for all those seeking additional protection. Both the Phase II and H. O. techniques are CARB compliant when using the stock airbox and P-1SC-1 or P-1X supercharger (ProCharger can tell you read more about that on its website).

Talking about the P-1X supercharger, it (along with the D-1X head unit) comes with a new aerodynamic compressor design with regard to cooler charge air temperatures plus higher horsepower at the same boost degree as the P-1SC-1 and D-1SC. ProCharger labels the superchargers as “high-efficiency street/strip superchargers. ” These mind units are designed as a bolt-in alternative to the P-1SC-1 and D-1SC techniques with a greater maximum power possible.

The volute plus impeller (or the compressor side) of these superchargers were redesigned just for greater efficiency and less parasitic engine load in mind. The result is definitely less heat as well as a smaller amount associated with power needed to turn the impeller, allowing for a greater horsepower number.

For more information and to learn which usually system might work best on the Bullitt, visit ProCharger online!

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