2020 Product Showcase: It’s A Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World With QA1

We cut the title from the 1963 humor film, It’s A Mad, Crazy, Mad, Mad World, but absolutely nothing is funny about QA1 ’s new Imod Series shocks. In fact , these shock absorbers are serious business.

For most car enthusiasts, getting the right really feel is at the top of the list for cars. These shocks probably are certainly not for the daily commuter that just goes between the office and house, staying 15mph under the speed restrict – although he could probably nevertheless benefit from them.

QA1’s Imod Series shocks will probably find a house with enthusiasts that do spirited generating. Perhaps some Pro-Touring, Autocross activities, club racing, or weekend soldier at the local strip. We’ve actually seen the top drag racers having the Mod Series shocks on the purpose-built race cars.

Exactly what does It Do?

Like the majority of adjustable shocks, these Mod Collection shocks allow users to call in suspension settings (compression plus rebound) while on the car. They operate many different applications and a turn from the knob is all it takes to make fine-tune adjustments of the shock – that is a big deal if you take cornering or starting off the line seriously.

If you get into this class of shock absorbers, it is common for enthusiasts to have the shock absorbers rebuilt or have the internal valves changed for a certain tune-up. In the past, it has required the user to pull the shock absorbers off the vehicle and send all of them into the factory for service.

QA1’s Mod Series shocks have got changed that with their unique do it yourself valve pack system which can be substituted without dissembling the shock. Actually the shocks don’t even have to be removed from the vehicle. This means that re-valving shock absorbers take minutes instead of days.

How It Works

QA1’s new MOD shocks come with an assortment of available valve packs which are easily swapped out via five Allen-head screws. The revolutionary new “QuickTune technology” allows you to keep the shocks on the automobile, remove the valve pack, and just substitute it with the one that has your own desired adjustment range. Per their particular press release, the replacement does not impact the oil path or expose the internals to any contaminants.

These are double-adjustable for  compression as well as come back and feature an adjustable low-speed hemorrhage, allowing you to  fine-tune ride high quality and weight transfer on sides. Other features include 24-clicks associated with adjustability, a large solid piston having a blow-off valve, indexable  shock foundation eyelets, an external nitrogen gas-charged container, Teflon-infused anodized bodies, and all integrated tools and hardware.

If you need to improve cornering, or need more details on QA1’s Mod Series shock absorbers, visit them online at  QA1 .

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