2020 Product Showcase: Strange Engineering Shop Tour

The PRI Road Visit journeyed through Illinois, making a stop at Unusual Engineering , where product sales manager J. C. Cascio brought the crew through the company’s background.

The priority associated with keeping people on the track plus keeping ‘em safe is what Unusual Engineering is all about. – J. D. Cascio

J. C. Cascio.

Bob Stange was a vehicle enthusiast in the 1950s, and like a lot of during that time, he started making components for himself and then for their friends. Working in a machine store during the day, he would go home and operate his mother’s garage at night producing anything and everything – from full framework to chassis components.

In those days, most racers were using junkyard parts that often failed. Bob’s components could withstand the abuse and become sought after by local drivers. Stuff changed when Bob started making axle assemblies that could withstand incredible abuse. Quickly, these axles were gaining a powerful following from racers in the mid-west, then the east coast. The company increased rapidly through word of mouth.

Becoming Strange

Bob’s son Jeff, the President associated with Strange Engineering, explained how Stange became Strange. “In the ’60s and ’70s, as my father became  better known in the industry, he had lots of articles written about the parts he or she was making.     Instead of putting Stange in the article, they will kept writing ‘Strange’ by accident, ” he added. “So everything had been Strange Engineering and Strange this particular and that. So , when he integrated, he named the business ‘Strange’ mainly because it was easier than to fix the particular writers’ mistakes. ”

The organization once was focused on driveline components, mainly axles, and rearends. But there was some attempts at branching away. According to J. C., they actually manufacturing some spoke wheels in one point. However , these days the organization has expanded well beyond the particular driveline and axle components by having suspension systems, braking systems, steering containers, and even spindles.

Making a strong part and something which is affordable to the racer, but not compromising any quality at the same time is what is essential to us. – J. D. Cascio

“All the development, the priorities of keeping racing enthusiasts safe, making a strong part the other that is affordable to the racer, although not sacrificing any quality at the same time is exactly what is important to us, ” stated Cascio.  

For more information upon Strange Engineering’s products, visit all of them online at www.strangeengineering.net .

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