SEMA 2020: Silver Sport Transmissions’ Improved Five-Speed Kits

While we all know that TREMEC five- and six-speed transmissions are a great update for all enthusiasts, it’s company’s such as Silver Sports activity Transmissions (SST) which make the installs a do-it-yourself procedure. For years, the TKO was the regular in manual-overdrive transmission swaps, and today, a new TREMEC transmission has walked up to help enthusiasts—the TKX. You are able to read about the TKX here .

But the transmission alone will not make the swap possible. SST continues to be creating complete kits for almost each make and model, for decades. Now, those packages can be had with the new tranny. While the TKO did require ground modifications to almost all body designs, the TKX is a much more compact style. This means floor cutting is not necessary for many car models. “If the particular TKO kit came with sheetmetal, there is a good chance that it will no longer require it because the TKX is more compact, ” says Misty McComas of SST.

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“We have comprehensive kits, whether they are going from automated or manual, ” Misty proceeds. “We also have our Advanced Chaffing line of clutches and flywheels and naturally, if the kit requires a shifter place outside of the two stock locations, it is going to come with an STX Shifter. If not, that is an upgrade they can choose. The particular STX shifter has a shorter toss than the TREMEC shifter, but the TREMEC shifter on the TKX is really, great. It shifts great, feels like the Magnum. They can also upgrade to the hydraulic clutch kit which is much like what you find on today’s greatest performance cars. ”

Every vehicle that is covered by SST can utilize a TKX transmission. “The GM A-body is where this transmitting really shines, ” states Misty. “The GM A-body owners cannot get around cutting their transmission canal and it was major tunnel surgical treatment. The TKX will go in just as designed and our offset STX Shifter tower will put the shifter exactly where it should be with a nice, strong feel. ”

Like most SST kits, you’ll get all you need to install your new TKX.

What you will get in each package is the transmission with the shifter situated to fit your car, a bellhousing plus clutch, driveshaft, crossmember, and all essential hardware. “Our kits are total from pilot bearing to the drive shaft. We even include the fluid when the customer would like an one-stop-shop, ” Misty concludes.

You are able to call Silver Sport Transmissions with (888) 609-0092 or check out the brand new TKX by clicking here to learn more on the TKX or to place your order. SST will take preorders on these at this point, but they won’t ship until past due November or early December. Naturally , customers will not have to put down any kind of deposits to reserve their TKX and get on the list. What are you waiting for, your brand-new SST-prepped TKX is waiting for a person.

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