Fender Custom Shop Supercharges A Stratocaster Guitar With Saleen

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With your hand sleeping on the tinted rear window, operate your fingers across its light-weight carbon-fiber body. It feels fast plus looks loud. Slathered in Chocolate Apple Red, this is more than just quite a face. Adjust the output, jam your own foot down on the loud your pedal and let it rip. Sound blasts out, but this isn’t horsepower plus squealing tires —  it is strength chords and ripping solos.

The characteristics that we look at in producing vehicles at Saleen – the anatomist, technology, sculpture and design plus pride of craftsmanship – are extremely much in-line with what Fender discusses, as well. — Steve Saleen,   Saleen Automotive

This high-performance beauty is an one of a kind Fender guitar dubbed the Stratocaster 1 in deference to the vehicle that inspired it — the particular mid-engine Saleen S1. Built simply by noted luthier and car aficionados Ron Thorn, this custom six-string takes inspiration from a car constructor with a history of fusing performance plus style on four wheels.

Quick cars and loud guitars are very similar in many ways, and Fender’s Master Contractor Ron Thorn loves them each. He was inspired by the characteristics to create an unique guitar inspired with the Saleen S1. The result is a carbon fiber axe dubbed the Stratocaster one (Photo Credit: Fender)

“Similar to Fender, Saleen was born and elevated in Southern California, and the lifestyle in this region of building hot rods and supercars was very influential around the world, ” said Saleen Automotive founder plus CEO Steve Saleen. “The characteristics that we look at in producing vehicles at Saleen – the anatomist, technology, sculpture and design plus pride of craftsmanship – are extremely much in-line with what Fender looks at, as well. ”

Debuted in public at the 2020 NAMM show in Anaheim, Ca, the Stratocaster 1 was colored at the Saleen facility in an amazing Candy Apple Red. With a carbon fiber body, a roasted alder middle block, and a roasted maple throat, it features several styling tips taken from the Saleen S1. The facets are a carbon-fiber fretboard, the carbon-fiber headstock overlay, and a colored rear window over its high-output TV Jones Power’Tron Plus link pickup.

Debuting at the National Association of Music Merchants Show in Anaheim, Ca, the Stratocaster 1 features a hand laid carbon-fiber body, a roasted walnut neck, a carbon-fiber fingerboard, as well as a matching carbon-fiber headstock overlay. This particular creation also wears a customized 6-stack bridge and a handmade Strat 1 tailpiece, which signifies the one-of-a-kind credentials. It even includes a matching pedal board so gamers can truly put the pedal towards the metal to customize the guitar’s tone.

The new Saleen 1’s beautiful outlines, carbon-fiber construction and other unique information were the inspiration behind the style and construction of the Stratocaster one — Ron Thorn, Fender Custom made Shop

As someone who likes both aesthetics and performance, Dorrie Saleen (left) has an appreciation another SoCal company with a historic heritage — Fender. The company has lengthy offered a Mustang guitar design, and now the company has at least one Saleen guitar in its lineup.

Fender Custom Shop and Saleen Automotive are usually two titans in their respective industrial sectors – both producing top equipment and high-performance products in Corona, California. Being an automotive enthusiast, I am absolutely thrilled to have had a chance to work with the legendary Steve Saleen and his amazing team, ” mentioned Ron Thorn, Fender Custom Store Principal Master Builder. “The brand new Saleen 1’s beautiful lines, carbon fiber construction and other unique details had been the inspiration behind the design plus construction of the Stratocaster 1 . It had been an extremely challenging yet fulfilling construct, utilizing methods, materials and ideas new to both the Fender Custom Store and myself, resulting in an exciting respect worthy of representing both brands’ items. ”

Shown away alongside a Saleen S1 on the National Association of Musical Retailers convention held in mid-January within Anaheim, California, Ron’s creation has a price tag worthy of a sports car — $33, 000. That’s spendy for any guitar, but this auto-inspired axe is truly one of one.

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