PRI 2019: Ultimate Headers’ 2015-20 Mustang GT, Coyote Swap Headers

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Greatest Headers is revealing some of its latest offerings for that Ford Mustang consumer at this year’s PRI show, beginning with its full-length headers for the 2015-2020 Mustang GRAND TOURING. These headers, made of 321 stainless-steel, feature Ultimate’s patented investment-cast flanges, and can be optioned with a link pipe to tie them in to a cat-back system, and can be designed with or without the catalytic converters.

“We had a customer dynamometer a set of these just a couple of weeks back on a Vortech-supercharged car. It produced 674 horsepower with the stock manifolds and cats, and when he improved to ours, it added fifty more horsepower to the rear auto tires, with everything else being equal. Simply no funny business — a true 50-horsepower increase. ”

Lightly browning and the team at Ultimate contact their headers “the first header redesign in 80 years” — an ode to the unique weld-in flange design featured on all its headers. The flanges, every standalone for the individual exhaust slot on this particular set of headers, are usually welded directly to the pipe, after that milled down on the backside to get a clean-looking, flush-mount to the cylinder head.

Adding to that, the company manufactures tight-radius elbows that lend themselves in order to race teams and custom vehicle builders that want to gain precious space in the engine compartment. These 316L quality stainless elbows feature a turn-radius smaller sized than the tube diameter, which means they could immediately be turned down away from the particular exhaust port to tuck the particular headers under the cylinder head. Such an position at that point in the header cannot be achieved using a tube bender.

The particular flanges themselves are lighter than flat-stock material, are exceptionally strong, plus deliver superb clamping force towards the cylinder head. They also run cooler because of the increased surface area, which reduces the particular tendency for warpage.

Ultimate also had a new exchange header for the Coyote, intended for early-model Mustangs with a stock chassis or even aftermarket chassis or front videos, on display at this year’s show. Lightly browning notes that it tucks up restricted under the cylinder head, and as such, has also made its way into F100 pickup trucks with Crown Victoria front side ends. The company also does the header for the early Ford Bronco, adding to its Ford vehicle selection.

Ultimate’s fresh new Coyote swap header.

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