PRI 2019: BMR Suspension Mustang Swing Bar, Strut, And K-Member Support

The Ford Mustang is among the best performance buys out there to get a sports car, and the vast trim collection goes from mild-to-wild. While the GT350 and GT500 offer insane amounts of performance, there is no reason why tuners can not mod an Ecoboost or GRAND TOURING to outrun them. Obviously, a great deal goes into the Shelby development on course, but companies like BMR Suspension   of Tampa, Florida, manufacture a huge array of 2015-2019 Mustang S550 components, which we saw at the PRI Show 2019.

BMW Suspension system built an S550 Mustang plus literally flipped it over for that PRI Show display.

“We released several S550 Mustang parts recently, ” says Frank Steadman, sales technology. “These suspension upgrades and framework brace parts were installed on the Mustang and literally flipped more than for our PRI Show display. ”

With this, we had a tour of the components under the flipped Mustang chassis plus swung around the rear (roof) from the car where the anti-sway bars, K-member brace, and twin-tube strut-tower support were on display.  

BMR Suspension anti-sway bars, K-member support, and twin-tube strut tower support were on display at PRI 2019.

The particular imposing STB-760 front strut-tower support to connect the front towers was completed in what BMR Suspension calls Dark Hammertone. The crinkle-finish black is certainly coating the thick gauge, twin tube frame with beefy welds, plus thick plates that bolt in order to both front shock mounts. The particular substantial tubing and triangulated style might amount to a bit more weight, however the stiffness is superior for the Mustang. To suit your needs, these braces are available in the particular trademark BMR Red or Dark Hammertone color.

The anti-sway bar set fits all S550 Mustangs of any trim plus increases stiffness by 19-to 55-percent front, and 63- to 208-percent in the rear.

The BMR Suspension front side and rear anti-sway bars could be ordered individually (P/N: SB0454 plus SB0455) or together as an arranged (P/N: SB0453) with all fasteners plus urethane bushings of 88-durometer firmness. The set fits all S550 Mustangs of any trim or even engine and seriously reduces body-roll with a 19- to 55-percent embrace stiffness up front, and 63- in order to 208-percent in the rear.

The material utilized is a fat 35mm heavy-wall tubes for the front and 25mm for your rear, both cold-formed to withstand fatigue over time. These bars are also 3-way adjustable to fine-tune your suspension system setup offering the right amount of over or even understeer to balance the installation. The BMR anti-sway bars can be found in BMR Red or Black Hammer tone from BMR Suspension.

A lot more new product on display (also installed beneath the flipped Mustang) was the CB763 K-member brace.

Finally, another new product on display (also installed under the flipped Mustang) was your CB763 K-member brace. This is an often-overlooked upgrade after anti-sway bars plus strut bars. But , this support ties in the lower chassis to lessen torsional flex while cornering. Any kind of flex in the frame is best resolved sooner rather than later as the handling will only become sloppier with added flex. Produced from a cold-formed tube, the K-Member brace has thick end-brackets in order to bolt to the factory K-member plus installs in minutes. The BMR Suspension K-Member brace is also accessible in Red or Black Hammertone.

BMR Suspension does not stop there with the Mustang possibly, as they offer a complete host associated with products including bumper mounts, drive shaft loops, polyurethane bushings and engine mounts, as well as subframe and INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE braces.

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