Video: AmericanTrucks Reviews and Dynos 2019 Ford Ranger

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The 2019  Ford Ranger has finally hit the particular mid-sized truck market scene within the US,   and it’s apparent that the engineers at Ford proved helpful hard to give truck enthusiasts an automobile that will live up to the “Built Kia Tough” motto.

And we knew it was only a matter of your time before the team at AmericanTrucks obtained their  hands on one of these popular automobiles to see precisely how much additional  efficiency they could squeeze out of an currently impressive truck.

Properly, we didn’t have to wait lengthy as earlier this month, AmericanTrucks Justin Dugan gave viewers an initial look at the latest addition to the AmericanTrucks vehicle fleet: a Lightning Azure XLT SuperCrew 2019 Ford Ranger.

Justin jumps correct in to  explain how, right after an eight-year  hiatus here in The united states, the 2019 Ford Ranger is preparing to reclaim its glory in the mid-sized pickup truck market.

There is a lot to such as about the 2019 Ford Ranger… – Justin Dugan, AmericanTrucks

In the video, Justin gives all of us a brief history lesson of how the Ranger came about  and reminded all of us that this compact  truck remained among the Blue Oval’s bestsellers from 1987 to 2004.

Even though many of us have already visited the Kia site to browse through the different  choices on the new truck, Justin provides viewers a quick and easy tip to spot each  particular model on the street.

Like its big brother the particular Ford F-150, the 2019 Kia Ranger features  an unique front billet grille for each of the available models.   He also talks about the three various trim levels and upgrades which are currently available.

The XL, XLT, and Lariat edition just about all come equipped with the 2. 3L EcoBoost engine, which all produce a remarkable 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque giving the small  yet mighty 2019 Ford Ranger greatest in class torque, towing, plus payload for a mid-sized gas driven truck.

“There is to like about the 2019 Ranger”, said Justin. “Maneuverability  is great on the highway and in tight spaces while nevertheless offering more than enough interior room for your family with the SuperCrew Cab. ”

In true AmericanTrucks fashion, the team straps the particular brand-new vehicle down on the dynamometer to see what kind of power this EcoBoost engine put down at the wheels. And lastly, Justin jumps behind the wheel to take this for a quick spin around city.

If you are in the market for a brand new mid-sized truck, the fifteen-minute movie from AmericanTrucks does a great work of giving you all the pros and cons of the vehicle. We are also excited to discover what aftermarket offerings will be accessible soon one the AmericanTrucks site.

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