Mustang Week 2017 Brings New Dates & Features

Mustang fans might be feeling the urge to package their bags and polish their own ponies right now, but that’s simply out of habit. This week  would certainly traditionally  mark the annual pilgrimage to Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. However , this year there is been a bit of a tuning adjustment within the routine, as Mustang 7 days is moving through July to early September.

To find out why that is taking place and what it means for one of our preferred events of the year we strike up our old friend Paul Clay, one of the principals of this occasion, to find out what this year’s occasion has in store. Before we arrive though, it‘s best to start at the start, where Mustang Week started as being a simple cruise-in at the Tough Rock Café within Myrtle Beach some 15 years ago.

From car shows plus autocrossing to burnouts and pull racing, Mustang Week offers almost any kind of automotive activity you can imagine. This season it is expanding with a trade show-style manufacturer display as well.

“Rodney Melton had the concept for a long time to bring a Mustang occasion similar to the bike events already kept in Myrtle Beach, ” Paul explained. “We had been hosting Mustang cruise-ins around the Greensboro and Raleigh areas with great success which gave him the courage to provide it a shot. ”

From that simple inception, Mustang 7 days has grown into one of the most popular and many emulated events on the Ford picture. Its combination of automotive events contrary to the backdrop of a family friendly seaside town led to an gathering  which has grown year after year, as just about anyone may talk their family into investing a week at the beach.

…We work hard every year and also don’t rely on what we did during the past. — Mike Clay, Mustang 7 days

Getting there got some time, however , as asking individuals to commit to an event that long requires over the average one-day car show. Nevertheless , the diversity of the activities —from cruise-ins and car shows in order to autocrossing and drag racing — quickly set Mustang Week in addition to the throngs of static car displays, but making a splash on the picture took some time for event the particular event’s creators to realize when it really “made it. ”

“We knew we made it when Sam Turner showed up, ” Mike joked about your scribe. “That’s a difficult question to answer, though. I realize this event as a company that needs to acquire the participants’ business. We are inquiring people to give up a week of holiday and spend their money to help make the trip so we work hard every year and also don’t rely on what we did in past times. ”

Brad Worley, Mike Clay-based, and Rodney Melton are the primary of the team that works all calendar year to put on one of the biggest Mustang events from the year — Mustang Week.

That commitment indicates the trio behind Mustang 7 days — Rodney Melton, Brad Worley, and the aforementioned Mike Clay — continue to evolve and tweak the big event. This year marks the biggest changes upon record for the long-running event. Through relocating the Meet ’N Welcome and Drag Night to modifying the dates, the triumvirate is definitely making big moves in 2017.

“As the past due Bill Jones told us under-promise and over-deliver, ” Mike stated. “When you ask people to get their vacation and come to your own event you need to show them a good time and become honest with what you have to offer. ”

We did not want to move Mustang Week from Myrtle. — Paul Clay, Mustang Week

A victim of its own achievement, Mustang Week needed to make an alter in order to sustain itself for the future, which usually meant moving the event to Sept 4-9, 2017, rather than its conventional mid-July timing.

“We experienced pretty much outgrown the area anyway, however the mall we had been using for years will likely be remodeled and we lost the location, ” Mike explained. “We have had our own eyes on the convention center for several years but never had a July time so we took the September schedules and moved forward. We have been throughout Myrtle and if you suggest the venue we have already looked at this and there’s a reason we can not use it. The convention middle in September was your only option. We did not wish to move Mustang Week from Myrtle. ”

With many changes on faucet for Mustang Week 2017, we all asked Mike Clay a few questions as to what we can expect from this year’s occasion.

We want to bring the excitement associated with industry-only, closed-door events to the public for free. — Mike Clay, Mustang Week

Besides relocating the dates and the location, Mustang Week is innovating in a way that might make it the event for both fanatics and aftermarket suppliers. The event adds to your home trade show-style displays in and around the particular convention center.

“We may have over 70 of the top titles in the industry inside and out, ” Mike enthused. “I think the particular trade show will be a new encounter for attendees. We want to bring the enjoyment of industry-only, closed-door events towards the general public for free. ”

Another new wrinkle is that taking part in the annual drag night will not require an hour-plus trek far from the beach. This year the actions will take place much closer to the motion at the revamped North Myrtle Beach Drag Strip .

“We will be watching carefully, ” Mike says of this modify. “We hope the 15- in order to 30-minute closer drive will make individuals a lot happier. We have been watching this particular track for many years and we believe the most recent upgrades and staff will make this very cool. ”

Beyond the actual modifications in our events, the change in time for this year’s event should create attendees Mustang vacations a bit more inexpensive and enjoyable.

“You should see lower prices upon rooms, less traffic, and ideally cooler temps, ” Mike stated. “Plus the chance to see some of the best Mustangs in the country and check out the biggest names in the market. With all of the official events, plus the golf club and sponsor after-hours events, the particular action will be non-stop. ”

2017 Mustang Week Schedule

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Satisfy ’N Greet

Broadway at the Beach

one: 00 p. m. -6: 00 p. m.

BFGoodrich Autocross Driving School

Myrtle Beach Speedway

10: 00 the. m. -1: 00 p. meters., and 2: 00 p. meters. -5: 00 p. m.

Wednesday, September six, 2017

BFGoodrich Track Day

Stifflers Fun Runs & Gateway Classic Autocross

Myrtle Beach Speedway

10: 00 a. m. -5: 00 p. m.

SVTPerformance. com Burnout Competition

6: 00 p. m.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mustang 7 days Test-n-Tune

Northern Myrtle Beach Drag Strip

10: 00 a. meters. -5: 00 p. m.

Friday, September 7, 2017

14th Annual Mustang Week Vehicle Show

Myrtle Beach Convention Center

Check-In: eight: 30 a. m. -11: 00 a. m.

Judging: 11: 00 a. m. -4: 00 the. m.

Honours: Saturday at several: 00 p. m.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Eastern Coast’s Largest Mustang and SVT Cruise-In

Myrtle Beach Convention Center

10: 00 a. m. -6: 00 p. m.

Car Show Awards plus Raffle Drawing : 3: 00 p. m.

Despite the initial blowback from the alter in timing, the early returns with this year’s Mustang Week are quite beneficial. The big car show sold out instantly like it normally does, but with a twist.

“I would state so , ” Mike said of the quick sell-out. “We have also a new lot of ‘this will be my initial time’ phone calls and emails. ”

Even with all the changes to this year’s event, there is a little bit of nostalgia to add a few more good remembrances to this year’s event. The event that will kicks off the week, the official Fulfill ’N Greet is returning to exactly where Mustang Week began — hard Rock Café parking lot, although the Hard Rock itself is moved from its iconic pyramid to a brand new spot inside the sprawling Broadway at the Beach complex.

“Never gave that any kind of thought but I would say it is pretty cool, ” Mike shown. “I have always enjoyed the particular unofficial Monday night events presently there. They have the same unorganized feel that the first events had. ”

It definitely sounds cool and are excited to see what a brand new and improved Mustang Week provides in store this year, so you if you are nevertheless on the fence, you can get all the details on the official site right right here . We will be on hand within the whole week , so we wish to see you in Myrtle Beach. It can be here before you know it.

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