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The four-wheelers used to the best efficient mode of only transportation past in history. It had the function of taking people to their destination. However, the definition of cars has changed widely changing with the upcoming years. Things are not shifting from the necessity to confirm and casting styles. People now have easy access to vehicles witnessed from the recent counts.

Therefore, the craze of requirement is slowly diminishing with the urge of increasing comfort in the cars. The modern cars in the market generally designed with the ergonomic principle with a more rugged look. The main feature of the car is comfortable journeys. However, the looks of the vehicles truly matter in the first place. The car manufacturers are working to bring newness in every model in an attempt to wow the audience.


 A car irrespective of the price must have some mandatory features in it. Some of them are-

Dual front airbags:

Airbags act as one of the safety features of a cr. It works as a shock absorber in the front in case of accidental happening. However, the recent count of the self-driven car is very high compared to the autonomous vehicle. The requirement of the airbag is an utmost necessity. Irrespective of the price and features every car has an airbag in the driving side. However, some of the car brands like Maruti Alto, Hyundai, Eon, Renault, Datsun do give dual airbag feature protecting both the driver and the person sitting next to him.

Anti-lock Braking price:

ABS or anti-lock braking system is one of the essential safety features of any car to avoid any accident. It controls the application of pressure on brakes, usually happening in stressed braking time. The ABS does not lock up the wheels entirely; it allows steering under little hard breaking. However, in the absence of ABS, the car can run high speed and ultimately lead to skidding of the vehicle. The wheels get locked, and you do not get the opportunity of steering them in the desired direction.

Rear defogger:

The rear windshield tends to get fogged in rainy and winter seasons. It causes discomfort in your vision, causing difficulty in looking at the traffic. A defogger helps in clearing the fog and improvises your rearview.


 The latest car news gives the hint of launching a new car by Hyundai Elantra. The expected date of launch is in the near September. A facelift is adding an aura to the designing of the vehicle. The basic designing of the car is kept minimal and exotic. There is more experimentation with the looks of the car. However, the price range of the vehicle falls under the absolute scale. It is an excellent time for the car love to have one in their collection.

Cars should have all the necessary safety features taught in them. Most of the vehicle passionate have the entire encyclopedia about the functionality of every possible vehicle. However, it is obvious to have difficulty in choosing the right option among the whole spectrum of car. You can segregate your requirements based on your affordability — all you need to have basic knowledge about the vehicles to have a smart buy.